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Baseball Birthday Party

Hey there friends!

I’m so excited to share the baseball themed party I just threw for my son last weekend.
I know, it’s been a long time coming, but it was so much fun.
There were countless hours of preparing, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I think I have a bit of an obsession with parties and go a little over-the-top, but I love it.
Anyway, here we go!
My little man turned 4 on December 1 and just loves baseball. So, we decided to go with the baseball theme.
I ordered his invitations from Etsy and they turned out so cute. I could not be happier.
blog stuff 001
After the invitations went out, I began to work like a mad woman {literally} on decorations for this party.
I was bound and determined to figure out and use my Silhouette to the best of our ability. I actually figured things out and used it a lot. I’m sure she’s happy to take a break from me {for the moment}.
Anyway, I made several banners for the “concessions”, “drinks”, and of course the “Happy Birthday Hunter”.
December 2011 026December 2011 029December 2011 037
For party favors I decided to make all the kids baseball t-shirts to wear at the party. I used heat transfers and put “play ball” on the front corner; on the back put their name and I used their birthday for their number. I thought it would be a little personal but the 8 year old was the only one who caught on to my thinking.
December 2011 047December 2011 049December 2011 050December 2011 051
Of course I used my favorite party site, Polka-dot, and ordered balloons and paper lanterns…can’t have a party without their balloons and paper lanterns.
December 2011 040December 2011 041
In my dining room I set up on my old window frame a Welcome to Hunter Stadium station….it had the rest of the party favors which was a Hunter Stadium pennant I made with the Silhouette and Cracker Jacks. Can’t go to a baseball game without Cracker Jacks.
December 2011 041December 2011 042December 2011 045December 2011 046
As I started setting up for the party I remembered all the 4th of July decorations I used this year and scored on after the holiday sales. I got so giddy with excitement because it was all red, white, and blue stuff…perfect colors for my party. So of course I used most of them.
December 2011 029December 2011 044
For concessions we had hot dogs, nachos and cheese, Cheese Puffs, fruit, cheese cubes, and popcorn.
December 2011 034
We served lemonade, Cokes {Dr. Pepper and Sprite}, and water. Of course I made the water bottle labels…it’s all about presentation, right. One just had a 4 and stars around it, and the other had the picture of a baseball field and said Hunter Stadium.
December 2011 036December 2011 038December 2011 039
And the cake…can’t have a party without a good cake. My friend, and cake designer came through and made an awesome cake. I can’t describe it…pictures will do for this one.
December 2011 032December 2011 033
December 2011 061December 2011 062December 2011 063December 2011 065December 2011 066
With having a birthday in December in the South, you never know what kind of weather we’re going to have. Last year it snowed on party day. We have this standing joke around here that if we want it to snow, just have Shana throw a party. Well, I was due for a party with great weather, and you can’t have a baseball party without playing baseball outside. So, come hell or high water we were going outside. Let me just tell you, the weather was fantastic. 60 something and sunny…perfect for some baseball. Some kids played and some just played on the playset. I had purchased a couple of baseball type games from Oriental Trading but they weren’t that popular. I think the kids just loved being outside.
December 2011 052December 2011 053December 2011 054December 2011 056December 2011 057December 2011 059
All-in-all the party was a hit. Hunter had a blast with his friends and of course loved playing baseball.

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