Thứ Bảy, 12 tháng 3, 2016

Ribbon Valances

I've been wanting valances for the kids' playroom. Problem was, I couldn't find something pre-made that I liked, and I don't know how to sew. What's the next best thing, you ask...pre-made valances, ribbon, and ribbon tape.
I bought some white valances from Target, ribbon and double-sided fabric/ribbon tape from JoAnn's, and thought - "Let's give it the good ole college try".

It seriously took about 45 minutes to do all three. I used a level and pencil to mark several places 3 inches from the bottom of each valance. I then cut the ribbon the same length of the valance. Next, I laid out the riboon tape in two spots on the ribbon, un-taped the other side and carefully laid it down on the material...and wha-la a curtain is done.

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